Introduction to Mama, by Amelia Freer

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Postnatal nutrition can sometimes end up being a little neglected. A completely understandable focus on the new baby, plus the many other demands on a mother’s time and energy, mean that it is all too easy to overlook her own needs. But just as a baby needs 24-hour care, women’s bodies are also working round-the-clock; producing breast milk, powering through days and nights without sleep, healing and recovering from pregnancy and birth…the list goes on. All of this requires adequate fuel.


There is so much conflicting information available now that it can be hard to work out what is sensible, what is fad, and ultimately what to do. Not least because there is often barely enough time to shower with a new born in the house, let alone spend hours researching online. Add in the challenges of shopping, preparing food, cooking and even simply eating with a baby, and you have a recipe for a postnatal diet consisting of little more that tea, toast and the occasional slice of cake! (I am not, for one moment, suggesting that this is something to be ashamed of. It is, in fact, entirely understandable – and we must never lose sight of the importance of eating simply for joy and pleasure too.)


However, I also know that balancing those rounds of toast with a variety of nutrient-dense foods can not only help new mothers to feel better overall and replenish lost nutrients (which is particularly important if they plan to have more children in the future), but may also benefit the composition of breast milk and possibly even infant health - if breastfeeding happens to be a route that feels right. (First Steps Nutrition Trust, 2017) (Cusick and Georgieff, 2016) (DAA, 2013).


Carefully considered, nourishing food is the cornerstone of traditional postpartum care around the world. Special meals have been lovingly prepared by those around new mamas for millennia, designed to replenish lost vitality, help rebuild nutrient stores, support breast milk production, and most importantly, allow all a new mother’s precious energy to be directed towards her new child (rather than the siren call of the kitchen sink or 24-hour supermarket).


And so that is why I have teamed up with Detox Kitchen to provide the Mama Food delivery package. In a way, I hope it may even be a bit of a modern-day substitute for the ‘village’ of people that would traditionally have surrounded us postpartum.


By supporting new mamas with lovingly and thoughtfully prepared food for the first few days (or even weeks!) after birth, their nutrition cares are simply taken away…leaving all the more time for scrumptious new baby snuggles.

Lily Simpson