Mama, The Perfect Gift for New Mums


The Mama package is the perfect gift for new mums. It's not only unique and thoughtful, but will be a real life saver too. The package is all about providing nourishment to new mums and nurturing them when they really need it. When all of their instincts kick in to support their new born, let us act as a support for them too. 

The package is made up filling, nutritious & hearty meals that will help women stay confident, strong and full of energy, so they can focus on their other priorities, knowing that their nutritional wellbeing (and hunger!) is taken care of. And optional add-ons for dad means there’s no sharing needed!

Simply choose the duration of the package, and your chosen super mama can look forward to a delivery each morning of delicious, healing food. The recipes have been developed in partnership with Nutritional Therapist, and best-selling author, Amelia Freer, based on the nutrients necessary for mums who have just given birth.

Gift a Mama package now. 


Lily Simpson