Post-Natal Advice on... Supplements

There is so much conflicting information available now that it can be hard to work out what is sensible, what is fad, and ultimately what to do. Here Amelia offers her advice on post-natal supplements.

Every mama is unique. Her needs, including those of dietary nutrients, are also unique. So it is therefore difficult to suggest a ‘one size fits all’ supplement programme.

There are some supplements, Vitamin D3, for example, which are recommended to be taken by all breastfeeding mama’s by public health organisations. It is also frequently suggested that those who are dairy free may consider taking a calcium supplement whilst breastfeeding, or a vitamin B12 supplement if they are vegetarian or vegan.

If not taking prescribed supplements, mama’s may wish to consider gentle supplement alongside with main meal, such as Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Iron Plus.

If dairy free, consider supplementation. Pregnacare “Breast-feeding” has a good amount of calcium in the formula.

It is recommended that all lactating women take a D3 supplement at 10 micrograms / day.

I would always urge people to seek out professional advice beforehand. Sometimes nutrients are contraindicated with certain medical conditions or medications – and at this important time of life, we should be even more conscious of not applying generic rules that may not necessarily suit everyone.



Lily Simpson