Post-Natal Advice on... Caffeine

Caffeine can reach your baby via breast milk, albeit in far smaller amounts than are circulating in your blood. But newborn babies are slow to metabolise any caffeine that does eventually reach them, which can potentially lead to irritability and poor sleep in extreme cases (NHS Choices, 2015) (DAA, 2013).

It is therefore best to stick to around 1-2 cups of coffee or 2-3 cups of tea per day maximum. Don’t forget that chocolate also contains small amounts of caffeine (100g of dark chocolate contains approximately the same as one cup of tea) (NHS Choices, 2015)

Also try to avoid drinking tea or coffee with your meals or within half an hour or so afterwards. The tannins they contain reduce iron absorption. The same goes for high-calcium foods (particularly supplements containing calcium or relatively large portions of dairy products).

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